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Wanna get something off your chest? Maybe your local bookseller doesn't stock Conduit, and you'd like to rectify this obvious oversight? We're here for you, baby. Our dedicated staff works hard to keep you enlightened, entertained and content. Conduit: a literary salve for the modern malaise.

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Conduit is looking for previously unpublished poetry and prose that demonstrates originality, intelligence, courage, irreverence, and humanity. Please send 3-5 poems or 1 prose piece (up to 3500 words). Include a self-addressed stamped envelope. All manuscripts will be recycled unless appropriate postage is included for return. Reporting time is 9 weeks to 9 months. Payment in copies. Future issues include What in the World (Wonder) and Bad Connections (Fun of Forgetting). These titles are primarily for our own amusement. Submissions are evaluated at the nexus of their merit and our taste, rather than whether or not they match any theme. If you haven't seen or read Conduit before, we recommend you sample our mad concoction before submitting.

If another journal has seduced you with promises of fame and glory, please notify us immediately to withdraw your submission, including the date the piece was submitted.

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We do not accept online submissions.
All electronic submissions will be destroyed pronto. All correspondence is subject to publication, in whole or in part. Send submissions to:

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