Scott Bruno

Scott Bruno

BIG BANG: When Science
& Poetry Collide

Greg Bachar
Jack Waste Goes Mad

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Third Shoe

Lisa Beskin
The Analyst's Love Is His Silence
About the Author

Terri Ford

Eric Forst
Hibernation within the Republic

Alice Fulton
Passion Vote

Elton Glaser
Ape Is to Apiary as Bat Is To—

Ray Gonzalez
The Hand

Gabriel Gudding
A Defense of Poetry

John Haner
I Make My Living with My Lips
This Much I Know for Certain

Bob Hicok
The Intricate Dark
Make Every Moment Not Count
Speed Racer, the Autobiography
Translator's Note

Christopher Janke

George Kalamaras
First Exhibit of Surrealist Painting and the Melancholy of Louis Aragon

Daniil Kharms
The Four-Legged Crow

Noelle Kocot
The Whole Arcana from the Fool to the World

Elzbieta Konrad
A Saturnian Night Poem

Anthony McCann
Skywalker Ranch

Heather McHugh
One's Mons

James Moynihan
Getting Real

John Yau
Another Name for It
Retired Wrestler





Hardware (Editor's Note) 
William D. Waltz

The Adventures of Kutch & Mancuso
Scott Dolan 


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