Scott Bruno

Scott Bruno

Pedestrian: From Mundane to Mecca

Brian Beatty
Priscilla's Maps of Switzerland

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Moon River Dog
Metaphor Drawer Seven

Michael Burkard
If You Were Eyeless
I Do Self Portraits
Moonstruck Alone

Paula Cisewski
The Word String Can't Blister Your Hands

Daniel Coshnear
Toxic Round-Up

Joel Dailey
I Have an Announcement to Make

Karen Donovan
Swung Dash
Trust Flees a Judge

Carol Edelstein
Kindred Spirit

Elton Glaser
The Bad Thief
The Effects of Myth at Two Below Zero

Matt Hart
Cantaloupe, the Hydrants Are Hydrant Again,
Deus Ex Machina

Kathleen M. Heideman
House of Deferred Affairs
House of Married Things

Elizabeth Knight
The Mind Is Not Free

Noelle Kocot
What I Mean When I Say I'm a Poet
Brooklyn Sestina

Joanne Lowery
Being Marie

Jill Mancina
One Brown Mouse

Matthew Rohrer
The Bells
Philosophy in the Boudoir
Alternatives to Pain

Tomaž Šalamun
The Castle
Man-Sheep Stock

Dean Young
14 Paintings of Volcanos
Own Element





Hardware (Editor's Note) 
William D. Waltz

The Adventures of Kutch & Mancuso
Scott Dolan 


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