Gut feeling: The intuition issue

Rick Snyder
Sisyphus #49

Joanne Dominique Dwyer
Riding with No Hands

Nathan Hoks
Spouse’s Refrain
Cavity Nesting

Anne Ray

Julie Hanson
The Past

Laura Paul Watson
Employee Handbook

Sharon Chmielarz
Bilge c. 1630
Happiness c. 1600

Christopher Salerno

Jesse Nissim
The Nostalgia of Vigor

Bob Hicok
Here goes
On solitude
The criminal mind
Going the extra mile in leaving no stone unturned
Manifesto destiny

Sarah Blackman
Open Letter to the Neighbors


Dean Young
To Poetry
The Scientific Method
End of Life Ode
I Wish I’d Never Taken This Job
hat We’ve Gotten Ourselves Into

James Tate
The Prayer
The Insurance Salesman
The Knife
No Tomorrow

Dara Wier
Wild Rabbits
Lightning on Jupiter
in the still of the night

Noelle Kocot
In Their Absence
The Emperor
The Imagination As a Form of Protest

Rick Bursky
Preparing the Proclamations

Matthew Rohrer
The Little Men of the Forest

Susan Firer
Leaving O’Hare Airport
Sentences I Never Thought I Would Say

Charles Harper Webb
I’ve Lived Too Long with a Mud Heart

Dorothy Barresi
Little Shits
Word As Early Diagnosis

MC Hyland
The End



Gerd Gigerenzer
Steven Lee Beeber

Rob Brezsny
Steven Lee Beeber


Cristina Córdova
Jon Jaylo
Yayoi Kusama
Alex Nichols & Mushi


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