SUPPY & DEMAND: How Money Spends Us

Kevin Joe Eldridge
Good Love, Bad Medicine
Hitchhiking the Badlands

Ray Gonzalez
I Stepped on the Head of Man Ray

Rebecca Hazelton
Scheherazade, Tell Me Another

Sommer Browning
from Friend
from Friend
from Friend

Joshua Ware
Impossible Motel, Room 500
Impossible Motel, Room 31911

Ales Steger

John Colburn
Cloud Calling for Beginners

Carol Guess
Echoic Memory
Big Pharma

Guillaume Apollinaire
The Autumn Crocuses
The Women

Anne Cecelia Holmes
World's Tiniest Earthquake

Denise Duhamel

Noelle Kocot
The Darkness
Ode to a Spring Day
A Kind of Homage
Animal, You Have a Soul

Dobby Gibson
Silly String Theory
Self Reliance

Heather Christle
Poem for Z
Where It Is Snowing

Graham Foust
Slow Survivor

Nick Courtright
Nothing Nice to Say

C.J. Sage
Please Do Not Touch the Glass
The Distant Future

Maureen Thorson
Pattern: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Pattern: The Mill Stream

Trinie Dalton
Little Migrants

Rick Alley

Caroline Cabrera
Powder Keg

Ron Padgett
Autumn Almanac
Another Crevice
Angel of the Pots and Pans

Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney
The One About The Incongruity Theory of Humor

The One about Spit Takes

Eileen G'Sell
Ha Ha Unicorns

Sean Thomas Dougherty
The Literacy of Longing
An Arrival Like an Axle

Rachel Conrad
On Second Street

Meghan M. Lee

Daniel Tiffany
The Lake Brothels of the North

Paige Taggert
And beyond thought and idea

Oni Buchanan
Five Tiny Doves
This World



The Adventures of Kutch & Mancuso
Scott Dolan


J. S. G. Boggs
Victor Dubreil
Marcel Duchamp
Barbara Kruger
Justine Smith
Scott Vincent
Mark Wagner
C.K. Wilde

no. 23 |  Spring 2013  |  Cover Art by Mark Wagner and Design by Randall Heath