BODIES IN MOTION: Dance, Sport, Momentum

Dante Alighieri
Canto XIII
Canto XIV

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz

Glen Armstrong
A Brief History of Mexican Wrestling

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
The Zero Hour

Mark Bibbins
Spring, or, I Don't Know Everything Is Wrong with Me
Penny Pincher Leaves Millions

Nick Demske
Did He Smile
Born Again

Jessica Fjeld
The Box

Sarah Fox
Daughter Object
from The Brain Letters

Noah Gershman
Forget about Bananas

Noah Eli Gordon
from Bohr's Model
from Bohr's Model

Bob Hicok
Four Poems

Ben Kopel
Gymnasium of the Sacred Heart

Rebecca Lehmann

John Mann
God Named You, Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann Advances to Intermediate Level

Wayne Miller
The Death of the Frontier
Silence in the City

Amanda Nadelberg
I'll Say It Again

Kelli Anne Noftle
Life Cycle

Kathryn Nuernberger
For Emily, Who Came Sometimes to Watch the Rain

Page Hill Starzinger
Natura Morta

Bianca Stone
To Love You with All My Biomass
Even Moon (audio)

Patrick Swaney
That Kind of Party

Tony Triglio
The Ibis at Night

Joni Wallace
Let's build a corral
Uncut year

Charles Harper Webb
Arm-Wrestler Wins Fortune
and Fame, but Loses Love

John Edgar Wideman
Four Stories

Terence Winch
Locus Bogus
Annual Report




Andrew Auten
Kurt Kauper
Kate Nichols
Bianca Stone
Scott Vincent

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