OUT THE DOOR: Humans 'N Nature

Craig Arnold

Joshua Beckman
"Dear Angry Mob"
"Expand if you will your mind over"

Kevin Carollo
The Prick of '78

A.J. Collins
A Chivalry

Daniel Coudriet
Present Company

Patrick Culliton
Destruction System

Lightsey Darst

Jordan Davis
How to Get Started, How to Keep Going, How to Stop

Brandon Downing
"The night was warm"
"A foreign girl comes up to him"

Brian Engel

Melanie Figg

Bob Hicok
Three Poems

Christopher Higgs
On Being a Narcissist

Christopher Janke
[11] from blepharism
[19] from blepharism

Laura Kasischke
Cytoplasm, June
This painting

Jennifer L. Knox
The Cliffs above Oswald
Dead Italians


Lina Makdisi
Wisdom, Montana

Joyelle McSweeney
Excellent Episode #2: Freakin' Harpies!
Escape! From! Harpies!

Carley Moore
The Match

Sabrina Orah Mark
The Joke

Benjamin Paloff
For My Mafia Uncles

Emily Pettit
How to Appear Normal In Front of Your Enemy or Competitor

Elizabeth Robinson
Perfunctory Color
Time to Go

Dan Rosenberg
My Field

Rachel Rothbart
Polaroid before the Mitchell Corn Palace

William Stobb
Up Kingston (audio)
The Sights and Sounds of Morning (audio)

James Tate
Four Poems

Craig Morgan Teicher
The Burning House
The Unexceptional Bird

G.C. Waldrep
What Is a Testimony
What Is a Motet

Dara Wier
Three Poems

Dean Young
Three Poems




 Francis Baker
Elaine Bradford
Alexis Rockman

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