Randall Heath

Randall Heath

LAST LAUGH: Black Humor in Deadpan Alley

Greg Bachar
Three Poems

Roberto Bolaño
El Burro

Travis Brown
On Fifth Street Road
Kingdom Come at Once

Peter Cherches
from Trio Bagatelles

Stephanie Cleveland
American Muffin

Joanne Dwyer

Susan Firer
Hello Li Po
Dear Transport

Albane Gellé
from A sound of glass inside her

Dobby Gibson
Depth Charged (audio)
For an Object to Float, It Must Displace Matter Equal to Its Weight (audio)

Lara Glenum
Sing Sing!

Charles Harper Webb
Globigerina Ooze

Jen Hirt
Out West

Noelle Kocot
Three Poems

Tanya Larkin
Baby Epic

Josh Lefkowitz
I Saw James Tate

Monica McFawn
Ending with a Rupture of the Hypothesis
Thought Obliquely Thought

Marc McKee
Not Wheel Ripped Cream

Eugenio Montejo
Vintage Erotica

Linnea Ogden
Fishes Have Been Central to That Enterprise

Daniela Olszewska
Crocheting for the Recently Taxidermied

D.A. Powell

Tomaž Šalamun

Phillip Thompson
A Kind of Filler

Michael Teig
Swimming in Monkeys
What Next?

Lee Upton
Take Your Wife...Please

Terence Winch
The Reductions
The Age of Enlightenment

Mark Yakich
A Brief History of Patriotism
Tourists Beware
Suicide Poem




Tony Matelli
Raymond Pettibon
Scott Vincent

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