Randall Heath

Randall Heath

MOVING IMAGES: Beyond the Silver Screen


Holly Anderson
Time to Drive

John Ashbery
Two Poems

Jesse Ball
Two Poems

Becca Barniskis
I Want Something That I Want

Jenny Boully
Two Poems

Adam Clay
[I Saw My Face on the Dull Head]

Matthew Cooperman
Still: Searching

Michael Dumanis
Revisionist History

Lisa Fishman
Herald Square

Ryan Flaherty
Chance Survival

Joanna Fuhrman
Two Poems (audio)

Eileen G'Sell
Gently Now, the Revolutions

Johannes Göransson
Two Poems

Daniel Hales
Two Poems

Kathleen Jesme
from Curation

Karla Kelsey
Two Poems



Jennifer L. Knox
Tyler Fyre on 20th

Sarah Manguso

Raymond McDaniel
Not So Dear to Me

James Meetze
Saint of Perpetual Sorrow

C.O. Moed
What I Saw the Day I Thought You'd Leave Me

Paul Muldoon
Symposium II

Sawako Nakayasu
Fear of Cold
We the Heathens

Nate Pritts
Collected Poems (audio)

Kevin Prufer
The Party by the Lake

Tomaž Šalamun
Arrival of the Sun and the Sunset
The Sun

Fred Schmalz
from Fred's Dream

Terese Svoboda

Elizabeth Winder
Small Cat Essays on Bataille




Nikki S. Lee
Bill Morrison
Bill Viola

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