Scott Bruno

Scott Bruno

DUMB LUCK: Fate, Fortune, Grace

Robyn Art

Mary Jo Bang
Envy and Avarice
Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning

Gilliam Conoley
Common Coat Patterns of the Tiger Horse

Crystal Curry
My One Paneled Wall

Olena Kalytiak Davis
Notes toward the Ablation of the Soul
Moorings Far Faster

Ben Doyle
The Fritters

Lisa Fishman
See This

Joanna Fuhrman
Nighttime Moraine

Ray Gonzalez
On the Eve of the Inquisitorial Meeting

James Haug
My Year on the Labrador Basin
Hard Times
My Kind is Unconnected

Christian Hawkey
Third Lung
Interlude with Gypsies and Tambourines

Brian Henry
Abusing Another for
the Sake Of

Christine Hume
Breath Trap

Carolyn Kuebler
The Disappearing Machine

David Lehman
Desolation Row

Dana LevinI 
Hunched Boiling inside It
Gift Drawing

Sarah Manguso
The Dictionary

Amy McNamara

Ander Monson
Other Electricities: Cast List

Jennifer Moss
Beasts Framed the Field III
Beasts Framed the Field IV

Tomaz Salamun
The Bar

Judith Taylor
Private Eye

G.C. Waldrep
Animal Magnetism
Columbus Circle

Dara Wier
We Will Give It a Name Later,
after It Becomes More Familiar

Nina Zivancevic
Poem for F.




Hardware (Editor's Note)
William D. Waltz

The Adventures of Kutch & Mancuso
Scott Dolan 


Yasumasa Morimura


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