Scott Bruno

Scott Bruno

PAST IMPERFECT: The Trouble with
Remembering & Forgetting

Peter Blegvad
Memory Failure and

Jenny Boully
from The Body

John Bradley
The Feast Letters

Karen Carcia

Killarney Clary
All that isn't me
Elm leaf shadows

James D'Agostino
The Year Before You Always Move Here
To the New Tenant

Albert Flynn DeSilver
The Tooth

Rudi Dornemann
Detail from a Painting by Hieronymus Bosch

Matt Hart
Dada Is for Babies

Matthea Harvey
Our Square of Lawn
That Was the First Day &
We Never Forgot It

Bob Hicok
My favorite moral
The wedding


Claudia Keelan
The Devotion Field

Will Lavender

Henri Michaux
My Pastimes

Ethan Paquin

Mary Ruefle
Do Not Disturb
Cardamom Buds
The Nutshell
The Appointment

Michael Savitz

Eleni Sikelianos
Pool Poem

James Wagner
Death to Telescopes

T.A.R. Wallace
Future Tree
Banish Your Thick Son

Sam White
Science Project
Plume Dines Out

Jennifer Willoughby
Now That I Am Married, I Am Afraid




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