Jenny Arthur

Cultural Literacy

I don't care where Vietnam is
You remember that, I'll remember
the deaf boy who told me I had broad
We shouldn't all be thinking
the same thing. I'll retain
a sense of the Baroque, enough
to answer the yes or no questions, and some
ideas: Identity and Circuitry,
Indifference and Affectation
Truth and Fear. "Airborne is here,
Airborne is here," and the voice on the intercom
came out of the ordinary and said it
thrice on Monday. The office roared.
I'll remember
Powderiness also. I know shortcuts
in Oakland, a few postulates.
I can tell if a robin is starving.
On my honor I will try, to the United
States of America, thy kingdom come,
thy will be done, the Self, the Other,
Housing and Urban Development.
I will keep in mind that the randomness of
experience and the desperation of language
are one
big cliché. I will water at Delicious
and not forget to be horrified
at Ignorance.