$$$$'s Anonymous

This Letter K

Yesterday, again I'll confess, left me dumped cool
Like mashed potatoes sliding off the backside of the evening's fog
Having been trapped with this anecdote awhile
I'm beginning to understand a lot more about one thing that's happened to me
Correspondence, I mean
Good, mildly psychotic fan mail
This letter K, yes, a very nice little sidetrack
Blowing up crazy ideas less than artistic in style
But, I never once felt official acceptance
I'm telling you, I wish everyone would be straight up inappropriate
Crummy ole us now I'm thinking
Hacking words around and speaking of love and respect
Historians would say I'm trying to live my life all at once
But, when I meet people
Tomorrow keeps going and going
Just like feeble excuses start making sense if I listen long enough
Things can go entirely wrong sometimes
Remember, we talked about all that