Jillian Weise

Does disability affect how you write?

This is about that and the rest. This really happened. I traveled a long way to pose for a camera to send photos back home to men I know. This part is in the voice of La Maga. This part is in the voice of Antarctica. This part is in the voice of Sasha Grey. I will never use it again. It cannot be done. Part where I got afraid. And also here. I wrote this in a café up the mountain on a winding road in a car with Guillermo when the cops came in a small tworoom apartment near the protest on the sand across from the vigil for the girl who went missing. I first published in a magazine called Karate. I twice was awarded ambivalence. If I choose to come out, I am boxed in. If I do not, I deny who I am. Those are the options. Inauthentic or inauthentic. It is like starting a fire in your house and then sitting around and waiting it out.