Noelle Kocot

Neither Here Nor There

How curious it is when the day starts like that!
How the wind and the trees and the flowers
Do something stupendous in the morning light!
How the cats drink their milk. How we bend down
Just to bend down. The shelves sparkle with the majesty
Of kings, and we eat and drink things off the vine.
This is the way it should have been all along,
After the city, belching out its filth unto us. But the
Streetlamps met with trees in the fall winds so
Unmistakably, and we met our separate destinies
There like some beautiful tale. I love either one, in fact,
I love to breathe the cut grass or the steaming concrete,
The unity of all astounds me continually. Let it be,
In the stillness of mind, let it be in the songs yet to come