William D. Waltz

from Surf's Up

Earth's watery blanket distinguishes it from the rest of the known universe, and by some strange coincidence, the human body consists of roughly the same percentage of water as the percentage of water that covers the planet's surface. Now, I believe Earth is more like a living body than we are like spinning planets, but the importance of H2O to all of us is no coincidence. Water is life and when we're near it our cells swoon and sway to its rhythm. When we look at the still surface we ought not see just our reflection but a glimpse of something greater beyond that. We frequent the shore to imbibe of the water's full throttle massage of the senses, and, unknown, sometimes, even to ourselves, to witness and pay tribute to the sea, that great wonder of wonders that can't help but remind us of our insignificance—which can be as liberating as it is humbling—and of our small part that includes respecting and protecting that great womb from whence all life has risen that is the sea. I'm a certain drop or two can be found in each one of us.