James Grinwis


Because I am born,
I feel things about
not being.
Because there are five planets
holding themselves
against a huge, bleached face,
I write things.
Like “hello” and
“I know you from somewhere.”
I am consistently
alone and don’t spend time cooking.
An aardvark trailed
her tail over my last appreciation
of Bach’s fourth cello suite
but I was too far away
to catch it.
An aardvark is a shy beast
but is also called ant bear
and can fend off wildcats
with its lacerating claws.
An aardwolf is also
quite shy and delicate
but has neither fierce claws
or tubed teeth, preferring
sturdier teeth.
A sportive lemur
looks at me
because I disappear.
Much the way I did
when I pulled out of a house
and saw a gaze that was
a heart-shaped tooth.
I pull out of a lot of things
these days. Mighty good chowder
fizzling on the burner.
Notes will burrow
in forms which remain somewhat unknown.