Dara Wier

Democratic Vistas

Steady flow along fingernail production pipelines,
Reliable tearwell, good nerve inventory,
Adequate eyelash supply,
And while we’re here do you have any high-quality
Heart rotation powders?
Stairwell well-rubbed, in fair condition,
Exits & entrances clear,
Public area malleable, with sun pockets and shade,
Well-marked emotional stations & collection facilities,
Over-lapping pacing paths,
And since we’re here any chance there’s a little deep-
End traction pollen to spare?
Quick frozen memento georama transistor helmet outlets,
Laser surgery kiosk, re-identification services,
And while we’re here might we borrow a key for the
Venal extraction elevator,
And the venom ducts, have they been secured?
Someone wanted to know the whereabouts of the violation
Someone asked how to re-start the informal nervous break-
Down battery.
The feathers were ready to be attached to the wings.
There were a few tongues no one could identify.
A placard saying zero defects blew across the courtyard.
A scentbox emitted a threat of rain.
We’d find tarps for the diary displays & rack of lamb.
And while we’re at it, mind if we start a little fire
To warm up some biscuits?