Conduit is looking for previously unpublished poetry, prose, artwork
and photography (b/w) that demonstrates originality, intelligence,
                                                                               courage, irreverence, and
                                                                               humanity. Please send 3-5
                                 poems or 1 prose piece (up to 3500 words). Do not
                   send original artwork. Include a self-addressed stamped
                envelope. Reporting time is 9 weeks to 9 months. Payment
              in copies.
Future issues include Failing Famously (Risk and
and Bad Connections (Fun of Forgetting). These titles
      are primarily for our own amusement. Submissions are evaluated
at the nexus of their merit and our taste, rather than whether or not
they match any theme. If you haven't seen or read Conduit before,
we recommend you sample our mad concoction before submitting.