Holly AndersonTime to Drive
John AshberyTwo Poems
Jesse BallTwo Poems
Becca BarniskisI Want Something That I Want
Jenny BoullyTwo Poems
Adam Clay[I Saw My Face on the Dull Head]
Matthew CoopermanStill: Searching
Michael DumanisRevisionist History
Lisa FishmanHerald Square
Ryan FlahertyChance Survival
Joanna FuhrmanTwo Poems
Eileen G'SellGently Now, the Revolutions
Johannes GöranssonTwo Poems
Daniel HalesTwo Poems
Kathleen Jesmefrom Curation
Karla KelseyTwo Poems
Jennifer L. KnoxTyler Fyre on 20th
Sarah MangusoTwo Poems
Raymond McDanielNot So Dear to Me
James MeetzeSaint of Perpetual Sorrow
C.O. MoedWhat I Saw the Day I Thought You'd Leave Me
Paul MuldoonSymposium II
Sawako NakayasuThree Poems
Nate PrittsCollected Poems
Kevin PruferThe Party by the Lake
Tomaž ŠalamunThree Poems
Fred Schmalzfrom Fred's Dream
Terese SvobodaSpeech
Elizabeth WinderSmall Cat Essays on Bataille
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The Adventures of Kutch & Mancuso by Scott Dolan
Interface: All Right, David Schwartz, Ready for Your Close-Up?  by Steven Lee Beeber
Not Another Interview With Guy Maddin  by Rubén Guzmán
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